Well, that was quite nice

First off, I loved Monday Night. I think what I loved so much about it was how completely different the two writers were (absolutely awful with names so I will shamefully refer to the two writers as “man” and “woman”). The man was very creative and had his hand in about every type of creative writing, while the woman was quite the opposite: stuck in on one piece of non-fiction. They were also different in their personalities which spoke to their writing styles as well. The woman was so upbeat and intense (in a good way) and I think her personality is what is allowing her to push through her dissertation and be able to talk with us with such joy and enthusiasm. The man was much more laid back and when he answered questions he would take them in and answer in a very detailed but open ended manner. So to me that just goes to show how, as a writer your personality is really shown through how and what you write.

I was agreeing with just about everything that was said
I was agreeing with just about everything that was being said

So after being sick of writing man and woman I looked up their names: Melody and Perry! (both awesome names, just sayin’)

I really enjoyed listening to Melody because for my re-purposing piece it is a non-fiction piece that I am putting a bit more of research than I originally anticipated. ┬áSo listening to her struggles and triumphs it’s nice to know that I am not alone. However, one thing really stuck out about what she was talking to us about. Her morning journals and choosing a topic. Someone asked a question about just following through with a project and how difficult it can be. Melody agreed that starting up a project can be awful and you may feel as though the topic just isn’t right. She then went on to say that you should just get a journal and write in it. Write awful work, because once and awhile you will find that diamond in the rough. But even taking these journals further, if you have a topic that you are not sure about, just keep attacking it from different angles when you get stuck and then run with that new angle. If you find that you just don’t enjoy writing on the topic, then that is when you can really say, “I need a new topic”

That may have been a little long winded for a blog post but I want that there for my own personal reference because there may come a time that I will want to scrap a perfectly good topic and rereading this post may renew my faith.

That is all for now. It’s late and this is how I feel. Good Night.

Need me some sleep
Need me some sleep

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  1. I’m feel like always really drawn to your posts because of the random yet hilarious little video clips, because I usually feel the same way about the topic you are discussing haha. That being said, I think the journal Melody was talking about was such a great idea, too. With writing, I feel as though I always have so much I want to say, but I can never really express myself in the right way, or in the way that I initially wanted to. The idea of keeping a journal so that I could remember exactly what I was thinking at a specific moment would significantly improve the quality of my papers in addition to realizing recurring themes that I should write about. Although I would love to try it, I think as college students, we are just so busy that it would be hard to dedicate a half an hour every day to brainstorming…but who knows, maybe I’ll try it.

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