Whitney: The Great

Recently, the music industry lost (in my opinions and many others) the greatest singer to ever grace the stage, Whitney Houston or so appropriately nicknamed by Oprah, “The Voice . My blog assignment for this week was to find an interview of an author that I admired and write about them. I could not think of anyone else but Whitney Houston. Now, technically, she’s not an author, but she writes songs that she might not fully express on the page but that does not make it less of writing in art form.


So, the interview I found was from 2009. Whitney Houston was in the mist of promoting her comeback album I Look To You in New York. Her and Clive Davis who she calls her God Father and her partner did an interview talking about her new album and it being in the standard of a Whitney and Clive collaboration.


Whitney Houston co-wrote on the songs I Look To You on the album and I didn’t know my own strength and both songs were inspired from what she had been through in the years leading to her comeback. She battled with substance abuse in an unhealthy marriage for nearly 20 years and in this album the songs she wrote modeled the things she had come out of and how she came about doing that. In those ways she tells a story in her music.


One thing that Whitney mentioned in the interview was that she sang her music with the intention to inspire. She cites her Christian background and singing in the church for the reason she sings the way she does. So, she takes the ways in which people were influenced by singing around her when she was younger and puts that into when she writes music and when she performs it.


Personally, Whitney Houston’s music has always inspired me. Not only the songs she writes or chooses to do based on the lyrics but also the way she expresses those words in song. I am one of those YouTube stalkers so I look up performances all the time of music artist. Whitney Houston was the only artist I have found who literally controlled the stage and the performance with just her voice. Michael Jackson needed the moonwalk and Beyonce needs the unison choreography. However, Whitney Houston only had her voice. And it was so inspirational. From listening to her talk about her music and perform it for years I am only inspired to have my writing do the same for others. Rest in Peace Whitney!!


Below is one of her noted performances, singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl XXV,

Whitney H

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