Why do I really write?

Why do I keep writing?  I’ve already written an entire essay about it, and through that process found that I write to influence others and write to have a lasting impact past simple conversation.  Those things are both true, and create the focus for most of my personal writing.  I really do desire to influence others and have a lasting impact, but that still doesn’t explain why I keep writing.

I don’t even really know what I expect out of all this writing I’m doing.  As of now, I’ve taken multiple writing classes (English 125, 225, 325 and now Writing 200), but I still don’t really know why.  I hide behind the pretenses of wanting to improve my writing skills and of wanting to become a more attractive potential employee.  I’ve found myself claiming that “writing is applicable in any field” way too often.  I know I write for these reasons, but writing only to look good for potential employers?  It seems so empty, lacking any real meaning.

What will my writing look like after graduation?  My undergraduate career has always involved at least one writing class, so my reasons for writing were pretty self-explanatory.  After graduation, I’ll lack that constant direction teachers give me, and so I have no idea if I will continue to write.  Will I write for fun?  Will I search for online publications to write for in my spare time?  Will my writing continue to improve?  I have no idea, but I’m excited to find out.

One thought to “Why do I really write?”

  1. Stephen,

    As always, I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I finished reading it being excited for my own potential as a writer, and excited for your future as a writer.

    Similar to you, I am just as unsure about where my writing will take me or even the basis of my motivation to just write. Like you, I am excited by my potential as a writer and feel inspired to see where it takes me.


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