Writers block

The thing that I wish to address in this prompt is ‘writers block.’ So, I’m leaving for Spring Break tomorrow morning at 5am with my friends, and I remembered, “Ohhh, I forgot to post to the blog. whops’ so as I came to WordPress, I didn’t know what I was going to write about.

I feel as though I have writers block only when it is late at night. Like Melody stated in her Why I Write presentation, I am definitely a morning writer as well. By far my best quality words  come to me when I am alive and fresh. Generally, when I am signing up for a new semester at school, I try to make it so I don’t have classes before 10am so that I can get really hard homework done. It is interesting how I much prefer to do writing in the morning and economics at night. Does anyone else have a particular homework for varying school subjects?

Generally I try to make sure that large important projects are not done the night before, however sometimes, doing a low-stakes blogpost is unavoidable the night before I leave.

I’m sorry this is so short, but I just cant take it anymore, I have to go to bed!

Have a great springbreak guys, wherever you are.

Jen Durow


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