Yesterday’s Lazy saves Today’s Crazy

So last winter semester as summer was approaching I realized that I had a few books to sell. I thought about going to sell them, but then I decided to go play in the sunshine. Then summer happened and I forgot about their existence.Then this fall, I was unpacking my stuff in my new room and I found the books. I figured I should probably sell them, but it was a nice day out, so I decided to go play in the sunshine.

Fast forward to today. Trying to repurpose my essay. No idea how. On the struggle bus heading to IDGAF avenue when I realized that one of my books from last year talked all about creative non fiction. What am I trying to repurpose my essay into…? Why creative non-fiction of course! Less than five minutes later I have the book out with several examples of what I am trying to accomplish with a detailed introduction on how to accomplish my goal.

Could I have made probably $50 off this book? Meh. Maybe. But right now I am too happy with my prior decisions to play in the sunshine to even care.

Sometimes Things Just Work Out Better Than You Could Have Ever Predicted
I'm just so happy.

One thought to “Yesterday’s Lazy saves Today’s Crazy”

  1. The gif matched the beat of the song I was listening to when I read this post! That made my rather horrible day better, so thank you for the hilarious gif. 🙂

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