And I thought writing was hard…

I was just proven wrong. Drawing a blueprint storyboard for a comic is much harder. I see why comic artists take 3 months just to produced a new, fully-colored chapter in their stories now. Anyway, as I’m possibly banging my head against my keyboard (excuse me, tablet), I’ve taken some time to consider working on my e-portfolio. Granted, it’s much more compete than it was a couple months ago, but I’m at a mental mind block. I wanted it to be a sort of time capsule for myself, but at the same time, is it almost copping out by saying my audience is myself? After all, anyone with a blog can say that about their posts.

I spoke to Professor Barron, my adviser the other day, and admitted my rather half-assed assumption of me being the only “important” audience who would ever see my e-portfolio. Then, he mentioned something that made me re-consider whether my attempt WAS really half-assed, or whether it was only half-finished. The portfolio, he said, could just be a glimpse my various sides of creativity in writing and art. Instead of thinking if it ONLY as a time capsule, I could keep the theme of variety and versatility in mind, and possibly in Writing 400, I can re-invent it as something presentable to employers. However, as of right now, it stays as almost a form of brainstorming/development for a more polished work that can be presented to others.

Here is a screen shot of my E-Porfolio welcome page, in case anyone’s interested. Yes, I have a strange title, don’t judge~ 8D


It just got real.

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  1. Diana,
    I think you’re off to a good start here. Initially in class, I liked the idea of a time capsule that you told us about. I still do, but adding in this theme of creativity, variety, and versatility will help you – as you said – change it later to be more presentable to employers. On that note, after taking a peek at the screen shot, I can see you are incorporating that here with the (formal, creative, and the first line of your welcome page). Do you plan on just using as much as possible to push this theme? Or are you still going to choose essays that you think work the best? I’m interested because I’m not sure what to do myself and it looks like you know what you’re doing here.


  2. Hi Joe,

    My initial thought was, I wanted to show even my process of thinking, my brainstorming, even the feedback I received on essays, however, there would be a lack of consistency among my essays, and in the end, I settled for displaying each and every one of my “finished” essays. This way, I was hoping to not show a sense of discrimination among my works. After all, I’d wanted to read the most terrible of essays, even if it made me laugh at myself in the future.

    As far as pushing the theme goes, I’ve tried to keep it a conversational tone. Although in some places, I’ll say things only I understand and don’t expand upon them, there are other pages (such as the welcome page) where I try to not scare away a new reader and try to present myself in a more personal way.

    Anyway, I wish I could say I knew exactly what I was doing, but I’m not so sure. All I know is, I’m starting with the idea of a time capsule, and seeing where it runs 🙂


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