Independent Study

Seeing as all of you in some way enjoy writing, I would like to share my news:

I finally have a confirmed sponsor for an independent study project in the History department next year! I found this out yesterday and I have been trying to find my outlet to share the news, and it came to me that I should put it out here. I will be working with professor Anne Berg, an amazing woman from Germany who specializes in the study of Nazism, especially through film. I will be taking her class and creating an IS research project that goes along with it in some way.

I think I might also be excited because I’m going to receive 4 credits for this without having to go to class. I realize I will have to meet with Professor Berg on a regular basis and have a large amount of reading to do, but it will be something that I am very interested in and much better than just going to lecture and sitting down for 4 hours a week.

I am mostly excited though to get the chance to once again research on and write about a topic that I have been passionate about since I was young girl and inspired by my American Girl Doll, Molly.

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