Mind over Body?

Everyone who has lived in Michigan through the four seasons can sum up Michigan weather in one word: unpredictable. There could be a day where there’s a blizzard one moment, sunshine the next, and a thunderstorm by nightfall. The bi-polarishness (made up word) of Michigan weather drives my sinuses crazy!

After returning from an amazing week-long tour with my choir over SpringBreak ( a majority of my time spent down south). I returned to Michigan to snowing, and a bitter cold. My already soar voice from singing worsened, my eyes were itchy, and my nose got stuffy. Everyday I continued to work through, my sinuses became worse and worse. Throughout the week though, I continued to tell myself not to act sick, because (I thought) if I could convince myself that I wasn’t sick then I would get better.

Ohhhhhh contraire!!! Thursday night I completely crashed! I went and the next morning I couldn’t life my head up, and it followed for the entire weekend and Monday! My body was so exhausted and I felt so terrible.  Here’s an idea…

When I told myself to think that I was ok and I would get better, I was really telling my body that I didn’t have time to be sick because work had to be done!

It reminded me of one of my friends, who is always busy, I know we all have those friends who are always busy, for some of us we’re that friend! But she didn’t sleep much, always ate on the go, never really had time to rest or just chill. So she got really sick and she went to UHS to figure out what was going on. They told her the cause of her sickness was stress and that she really just needed to get some rest. That was her body’s way of telling her it needed a rest.

I guess this has been on my mind because I’ve just been thinking about the last few weeks of this semester and all of the exams and big assignments I have due. So many times I ignore my body and I wonder how much damage I’m doing to myself. I just have to remember that I’m a tripartite being of body, soul and spirit. So I have to manage a well balance of all three, otherwise it throws everything else off. Then again, the major unbalance is apart of the Michigan Difference. Right?



One thought to “Mind over Body?”

  1. Hi Shanell,

    I just recently got over a terrible cold myself, and I do curse the unpredictable Michigan weather for it. While fall semester passes by slowly, winter almost seems like a flash to me, and it goes by faster each year that I’m in school.

    I love the image of the Body, Soul and Spirit that you posted. Do take care of your body, because after all, it is the outer shell which holds your mind and spirit 🙂

    All the best,

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