Where science and art meet back on the other side


I am a little late with this post. I blame Spring Break for my tardiness, I still haven’t hit that rhythm with my studies since coming back. But enough of the excuses, I only remembered that I even had a forum post because I was sitting in a lecture about writing last night, when it just clicked in my mind. So here is why it clicked. I was at a lecture for my lab and we had a guest speaker come in to talk all about creating and writing a scientific paper. He started off his lecture by saying “Writing a scientific paper is a lot different than writing a normal essay for your classes.” He continued with his talk and the more things he said, the more I realized that (and I say this with great fear because this man is a genius and I respect him immensely) he was wrong. The content and structure of a scientific essay is completely different than any essay I’ve written. But the act and process of writing a scientific paper is almost identical to any other paper I’ve written.

The speaker went on to discuss how painstakingly difficult writing a paper can be, that even after you slave away at it, the first couple of copies you submit for editing will be torn apart and the paper really becomes a part of the author. The things he was describing were basically parallel to every other paper I have ever written (like I said). Even beyond writing the paper, he talked about how when you begin to edit papers, you start to recognized certain traits and characteristics of good papers vs bad papers and you even develop your own style, as much as the format will allow you to. One major example example was when he was talking about this sentence he was talking about how you use information from your topic and then at the end of the paragraph you state your purpose, at which point I want to blurt out, “so in other words, a thesis!”

There were many other corresponding components, they are minor so I wont list them, but they were still all very significant. Thats whats on the mind about writing. Until next post, enjoy some minions

Minions! Do my writing.

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  1. This is a great post, Sal, and I’m glad you’re finding that the processes of writing carry across disciplines! I also kind of love the idea of you blurting out, “So, a thesis!” That’s hilarious for the expression itself and funny since “thesis” comes from “hypothesis…” (Manis nerd alert…)

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