Finally Finished…

Recently, a rapper from Detroit, Mi came out out with his first debut album, Finally Famous. Basically, after all of the hard times and struggles with record sales, he’s finally famous. This guy is Big Sean, he’s only a year older than me and we went to the same high school. So I can imagine his struggle and his excitement to be finally famous. This is precisely how I feel, except replace the famous with finished! I’m Finally Finished.

 There is something quite captivating about that word finally. Finally carries a deeper meaning as to say it was a struggle to get to this point and to say finally means you were able to move a mountain and overcome. To say finally means that you don’t have to go back but you can move forward. It means that you’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel!

To say finally means to overcome something. However, some “finally’s” are bigger than others. Today I attended Black Celebratory which is the Black graduation celebration here at the University of Michigan’s campus. They honored undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students who were graduating. Each person got the chance to walk across the stage. As we moved from undergraduate students, to graduate students the applause got louder. As we moved from graduate students to doctoral students there was absolute mayhem, I mean it was like a football game in there! There was a particular moment when the last doctoral student went up and they announced he was receiving his doctorate in medicine and it was a synchronized shout of joy all across the auditorium, you would have thought the heavens opened or something. But everyone cheered for him and celebrated with him because they knew he was finally finished. And that was a bigger finally than an undergraduate degree or a masters degree. It was a finally of bigger triumph.

So, my finally is small, but it still counts. It doesn’t diminish all I have overcome this year to get to this point to say that I’m finally finished. My finally may be small but it means a lot right now. This was the last assignment I had for this semester and now I’m going into my senior year in the Fall to attempt to finish and conquer an even bigger “finally” at the end of Winter term 2013. As for right now I’m finally finished…

Writing Tests

Interviews are nerve-wracking enough as is. Add in a two- hour-long writing test, and the pressure is on. I’ve recently been interviewing for summer internships and jobs and have had to bring my A game, not only in communicating but also in writing. Good thing I’m a comm major and a writing minor!

The writing tests I’ve received through email haven’t been so bad. They are similar to short answer portions of exams and have required me to research, write, and share new ideas. It was my most recent writing test that really tested my skills. After being interviewed by three different people and showing off some of my published work, I was brought to a computer and shown a nine-page online writing test with a two-hour time limit printed on the screen. I was allowed to use the Internet to help me and was told I could get out my AP stylebook if I brought it. Note to self: always bring your AP stylebook, and if you don’t own one, go buy one.

The writing test started out with three multiple choice questions followed by a free response portion, an editing section, a research portion, and then a writing press release section. It was overwhelming to say the least. Not to mention I had a bad cold and could barely breathe throughout the test. I read through the directions and immediately got to work. Even with Google as a lifeline, I could not figure out one of the multiple choice questions: the deadline for the business section of a newspaper. I felt like I was in a time crunch as I did whatever I could to show off my best work. All I can say is I’m glad it’s over with. I’ll be sure to research AP style better before my next writing test!

All things most come to an end

Earlier in the semester, when we had to read the e-portfolios of the previous class, I remember reading their blog posts, thinking: wow, why do they all sound so exhausted? And now that I am done with my e-portfolio I GET IT. Whoo! Its feels really reallly really really really really really really really good to be done.

Throughout this entire class, I feel I have really grown as a writer, thanks mostly in part to my professor’s and classmates feedbacks. The only way for a writer to grow is to be able to receive criticism, and integrate as many outside sources/inspiration as possible. I feel that through this class I have refocused my writing–I’m excited for the trajectory of my writing career.

My favorite part of this class has been exploring the writing process further, and really understanding how to address my specific audience.  However, I also know that I probably have a lot of work to do; being a young, female writer, I mostly connect to young females through my writing. Hopefully, as I grow and diverge, I will be able to better address other audiences.

Alicia’s portfolio


Thanks for everything guys!

Je suis fini!

WHEW!  I am SO happy I am finished with this semester.  I don’t want to think about Michigan, grades, or classes for a very long time. AND I DON’T HAVE TO, NOT FOR 4 MONTHS!  HA! #WINNING

Here is the link to my portfolio.  If you are so inclined, check it out!  It’s unfortunate that this cohort will be split up, but to those of you graduating in the Winter 2013 semester, good luck in your future endeavors.  For those of you graduating in the Winter of 2014, I’ll see you guys in a couple years!  However, if I have a class with some of you, or if I see you around campus, or if I see you laboring in the library, I will say hello.  Don’t act like a stranger!

The picture accurately depicts what state I will be in for the next few days.  I need to decompress.

But guess what, I can do that!  You know why?  BECAUSE I AM FINISHED!


What a long and winding road it’s been.  As I look back at this semester with pride, I consider where I started, how far I’ve come, and where I’m going.  If anything, I’ve learned that everyone’s first draft sucks, it’s ok to despise writing, I love having written, and though you may have submitted your “final” draft, it’s never really done.

This being the last day of the semester, my brain is in a scrambled egg-like state that is characteristic for this time of year, yet I can only look back with pride at what I’ve accomplished.  I’m also still grappling with the fact that once I click “publish” on this post, I’ll officially be a senior.  Where did the time go?!

Anyway, congratulations and thank you to Shelley and my classmates for a great semester in Writing 200.  See you on the flip side… or the capstone, I guess.

Oh, and here’s the link to my e-portfolio.

Hopefully it’s not an E-portfolio but an A-portfolio

On my post for my ”Reflection” Blog Theme, I said I couldn’t reflect because I was too close to my work. (It apparently has had no effect on my pun skills). Alas, I feel the same way about about my E-portfolio but I will try. For all my lovely Cohorts I will try.

For me, I did a lot of the work in early April, which I am just patting myself on the back for. For that reason, I’ve been mostly working on citations and linking. These are important parts of the reader’s experience but as a writer, I want to write. I liked writing like I did in early April, making quirky intros with George R.R Martin, the inscrutable troll, and somehow linking them to the writing process.

My e-portfolio is all about how we develop as writers, through exploring different genres and honing certain characteristics all writers have. I use a tree metaphor like in the title: “Learn to Write Like a Tree Grows.” I liked this because for the getgo I wanted a theme that could be reflected in my actual presentation.

As for my presentation, I have an explanation of a good way to view the pages, or “How to Use This Site” widget in the taskbar. I don’t know if I’m not giving you guys enough credit but I thought better safe than sorry. I also wrote posts as I was making the portfolio as a meta-kind of thing. There’s a huge gap, which is when I did a lot of work on my e-port which is ironic but I think they’re good Captain’s Log like Andrew Sullivan says.  Check those out to, if you visit my site and please read the “Welcome” page all will be explained there.

As for the future?  The thing about writing anything is that it’s never over. People are always coming up with new editions, with new intros, new insights. On the other hand, I am always finding tiny typos that I always just read over the first time that need to be changed. When I approach this in the Winter of 2014, I have no idea what place I’ll be as a person or as a writer (a lot can happen in two years! ) , but it will be nice to take a look at my thought processes and writing skills, even if it’s just to laugh at my naiveté. Then, I can take what I’ve learned about writing, and making portfolios and start the process all over again.

Best of luck for the summer everybody! I can’t wait to look at your work!

Here’s a link to my portfolio.