A VERY Brief Synopsis of What I Learned This Year

As the year is coming to a close I think it is about time that I reflected a little bit on what I learned about myself.  I reflect quite often, and for the purposes of this post I will keep it brief and only address a few things.  The first thing I want to talk about is my schedule.  I came to a lot of very important conclusions this year regarding my schedule, and I’ve spent no less than 100 hours thinking about my schedule.  This year I spent a great deal of time trying to determine what classes I need to take in order to graduate a semester early while still fulfilling all my requirements.  I declared my major and minor this year, two things that will stick with me for the rest of my life.  Acclimating myself to my History major and Writing minor has been a struggle. I’ve worked hard trying to determine a sufficient amount of time to spend on my difficult classes, and that fact certainly contributes to why I spent so much time thinking about my schedule.  I also spent a lot of time trying to schedule my work hours, my homework hours, my tv show times, my sleep time, and my calling home time J.  I’ve had hectic schedules before, but I think this year was probably the busiest year of my life.

Despite the fact that this semester was busy, I can honestly say that I’ve learned more about others and myself this year than ever before in my life. The most important thing that I’ve learned this year is that SLEEP IS IMPORTANT!  I have a few friends with 4.0s and all of them get an average of 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  I don’t have to take naps during the middle of the day if I get a good amount of rest as well. Not to mention the fact that sleeping is extremely relaxing.

I learned this year that the rate at which I retain my reading assignments for history diminishes significantly after 11pm.   I also learned that the latest I can produce a reputable written document is about 1am, nothing later.  Finally, I learned that I am most productive studying French for about 45 minutes at a time before the rate at which I retain knowledge significantly decreases.   I guess what they say about college is true; you do learn how to be more efficient as college progresses.

I also came to important conclusions about many things outside of school. For example, I learned that the best time for me to go to the gym is at night.  I say this because when I come back from the gym I am SO tired, mentally and physically, that I have no incentive to do anything.  Therefore, if I go at night, I can just crash when I get to my bed.

I also came to the conclusion that I will not be learning any more languages other than French in college.  There are too many words in the English language that I don’t know for me to seriously try to learn too many other languages.  I’ve successfully integrated a multitude of million-dollar words into my vocabulary this year, and I am quite proud of that fact.  I would rather bolster my English vocabulary than learn a new language.

Perhaps the most important thing I learned, other than the fact that sleep is the key to success, is that learning shouldn’t be limited to the classroom.  I think I learned more outside of class than inside of class this year.  This year, I think I grew more as a person than ever as well.  However, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t work hard in classes.  This year has also shown me that there is a direct correlation between the amount of time I put into a class and my grades.

What have you learned this year?  I hope you have learned as much as I have!  I am so thankful to be a part of this minor, to be on this earth, and last but certainly not least, to be a MICHIGAN WOLVERINE!

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