All things most come to an end

Earlier in the semester, when we had to read the e-portfolios of the previous class, I remember reading their blog posts, thinking: wow, why do they all sound so exhausted? And now that I am done with my e-portfolio I GET IT. Whoo! Its feels really reallly really really really really really really really good to be done.

Throughout this entire class, I feel I have really grown as a writer, thanks mostly in part to my professor’s and classmates feedbacks. The only way for a writer to grow is to be able to receive criticism, and integrate as many outside sources/inspiration as possible. I feel that through this class I have refocused my writing–I’m excited for the trajectory of my writing career.

My favorite part of this class has been exploring the writing process further, and really understanding how to address my specific audience.  However, I also know that I probably have a lot of work to do; being a young, female writer, I mostly connect to young females through my writing. Hopefully, as I grow and diverge, I will be able to better address other audiences.

Alicia’s portfolio


Thanks for everything guys!

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  1. I wish there was a “Like” button for this post because I’d definitely “Like” it. I was too tired to even think about adding insight regarding how cumbersome of a task it was to complete those e-portfolios. I know now, that is for sure. I can definitely identify with your feelings of exhaustion!

    In addition, your writing was able to connect with me and I’m no young female! I think the reason why you write so well is because of your experience with accelerated reader back in the day. Haha, have a great summer Alicia and thanks for helping me grow as a writer.

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