Hopefully it’s not an E-portfolio but an A-portfolio

On my post for my ”Reflection” Blog Theme, I said I couldn’t reflect because I was too close to my work. (It apparently has had no effect on my pun skills). Alas, I feel the same way about about my E-portfolio but I will try. For all my lovely Cohorts I will try.

For me, I did a lot of the work in early April, which I am just patting myself on the back for. For that reason, I’ve been mostly working on citations and linking. These are important parts of the reader’s experience but as a writer, I want to write. I liked writing like I did in early April, making quirky intros with George R.R Martin, the inscrutable troll, and somehow linking them to the writing process.

My e-portfolio is all about how we develop as writers, through exploring different genres and honing certain characteristics all writers have. I use a tree metaphor like in the title: “Learn to Write Like a Tree Grows.” I liked this because for the getgo I wanted a theme that could be reflected in my actual presentation.

As for my presentation, I have an explanation of a good way to view the pages, or “How to Use This Site” widget in the taskbar. I don’t know if I’m not giving you guys enough credit but I thought better safe than sorry. I also wrote posts as I was making the portfolio as a meta-kind of thing. There’s a huge gap, which is when I did a lot of work on my e-port which is ironic but I think they’re good Captain’s Log like Andrew Sullivan says.  Check those out to, if you visit my site and please read the “Welcome” page all will be explained there.

As for the future?  The thing about writing anything is that it’s never over. People are always coming up with new editions, with new intros, new insights. On the other hand, I am always finding tiny typos that I always just read over the first time that need to be changed. When I approach this in the Winter of 2014, I have no idea what place I’ll be as a person or as a writer (a lot can happen in two years! ) , but it will be nice to take a look at my thought processes and writing skills, even if it’s just to laugh at my naiveté. Then, I can take what I’ve learned about writing, and making portfolios and start the process all over again.

Best of luck for the summer everybody! I can’t wait to look at your work!

Here’s a link to my portfolio.

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