Yep.  I said it.  I’m done.  Absolutely and completely, done.  And it feels amazing.  Take that, E-Portfolio.

Many months ago, I imagined the feeling I would have during this blog post.  Not sure I could have ever predicated how glorious it would feel.  Completing the E-Portfolio was painful at times.  And I mean, painful.  Wordpress can be a real problem and finding a lot of my previous also proved to be difficult.

Probably not later today, or tomorrow, but, at some point far in the future, I might look back and and find the process enjoyable.  Cathartic.  Even, well, fun?  It’s nice to know that there is a place that holds a lot of the writing I am most proud of.

Seing as I am still in Ann Arbor, at a library full of people studying for the rest of their finals, I can safely say that I feel like this picture.  I. Am. Done.

Source: learn-how-to-be-happy.com




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