Mark’s E-Portfolio

Well, here it is!

Mark Chou Writes.

All done...for now.

I’m very happy with how my e-portfolio turned out. At the beginning of the semester and upon first hearing about the e-portfolio, I expected to include my most polished pieces and favorite essays. However, as the course went along, I found I learned a lot more about myself as a writer by re-reading essays from first semester of freshman year. Yes, looking over papers I composed for English 124 proved to be quite painful. Did I really have the final paragraph of one of my essays start with “In conclusion”? Yes, unfortunately I did. So, I decided to throw those in my e-portfolio. I think my site shows my development as a writer and as a student.

The “Voter ID Laws” section of my eportfolio is home to most of the work I’ve done this semester. This component takes the reader through my entire writing process: from early drafts, to a podcast, to storyboards, and ending with a website. I hope you enjoy this comprehensive section.

At the beginning of each piece, I included a blurb with my reflections: what I thought I did well, areas for improvement, and what I learned while writing. These preface the text below them and, hopefully, give you the opportunity to get an idea as to what was going inside my head throughout the writing process.

As with all products, this is still a work-in-progress. I can’t wait to continue to add materials to this e-portfolio and share with readers my pieces from my final semester as an undergraduate at Michigan.

Be sure to read the homepage post for instructions on how to navigate the site and maximize your blog-viewing experience.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoy my e-portfolio!

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  1. Mark, this is a fantastic “wrapping” for your eportfolio! Nice use of the screen capture, hot links, and most importantly, clear reflection on your plans (and how they changed) for the e-port. Looking forward to reading it!

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