My Recent Past Reflections

Because I tend to remember only things in my short-term memory, and because I’m still right in the heat of the

I’m like Dori, except all I can remember is short term right now!

semester, my reflection on writing this semester is going to be somewhat near-sighted. It seems like all I can think about right now is what I’m in the process of doing and what I have been focusing on for the last week. However, I think even this past week or so encompasses similar writing practices from all semester.

One thing I have noticed most recently is the amount of emails I send. Sometimes they seem easy to write, but when you have been writing a research paper all day I notice how much work putting the right words even into an email. This week I have two group projects going on and a lot of emails back and forth between group members. I never noticed how important it is to write well for emails so that I can communicate correctly to the group. Maybe the writing minor has just made me more aware of writing, but I emails will be the death of me this semester I think!

Another new thing I have encountered this semester is blogging (like I’m doing right now!). I never considered myself someone who would ever blog, but here I am at 10 a.m. finishing up a blog post for this course and planning to working on a blog post for another class after this. I’m surprised I haven’t accidentally posted the wrong blog on different sites. You guys wouldn’t mind if I talked about current social movement topics right? Anyways, the more blogging I do, the more I secretly consider starting my own blog. This summer I am taking a cake decorating class, so it might be the perfect opportunity to start a baking themed blog!

Last are those essays – all those essays! Essays… essays… essays… You think I would be used to them by now, which I am starting to think that I am. I feel more confident with them, and I am starting to get a routine. It’s kind  of like working out at this point. I have this feeling right before I start that I don’t want to do it. I start to dread it before I begin, but once I am started I just keep pumping until its time for a break. Next, the endorphins start flowing and I realize I actually kind of like it. I like how accomplished I feel. And when its all over, I know that I am getting in to better shape, and it becomes rewarding. This is the same with writing. Now that I’m at the end of the semester, I am seeing results from “getting in to better shape” by getting some awesome grades back finally!

At the end of this semester, I am about ready to throw my computer away. I’m so sick of staring at computer screens!

I’m considering it…

One thought to “My Recent Past Reflections”

  1. Eva,

    It’s interesting that you dedicated a paragraph to your feelings regarding e-mails because this semester I’ve begun to despise sending emails. Sometimes I feel as though I need to revise and edit my emails before I send them in order to avoid mistakes. Before I started writing so much, I never thought of doing that at all. I think the more writing I do, the more apprehensive I am about my writing. I wish writing e-mails could go back to being simple. I try to avoid emailing people as much as possible now, but unfortunately in this day and age, we are forced to.

    I’ve also begun to like the idea of blogging as a result of my experience with it this semester. Blogging was a major component of a class I had last semester but I didn’t like doing it. I wasn’t passionate about what I had to blog. I’ve found that you are a better writer if you write about things you are passionate about. Luckily, in this class I’ve blogged about things I’m passionate about. It has certainly made my experience with blogging a lot more enriching.

    I hope you follow through with your summer plans for blogging. I look forward to seeing pictures of your cakes on the blog!

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