Reflecting on Writing

From the beginning of this course, Professor Manis has made it clear that we need to write about things that make us excited.  Good writing never stems from a topic that is uninteresting to the writer.  In all my previous English classes, I’ve felt as if I had to write on a specific topic, creating something catered towards my professor’s idea of a perfect essay.  I’ve really enjoyed the remediation projects because they’ve allowed me to focus my time and writing on a topic that I enjoy: football.

He's so fast. Image Credit: NY Daily News

In creating my remediation pieces, I’ve enjoyed broadcasting my ideas in different mediums.  My piece detailing why college football is superior to the NFL started off as a boring research paper.  The ideas behind the piece were meant for a free-flowing opinion piece you might find in the editorial section of the magazine.  However, the strict confines of my English 125 class forced me to write a stiff, factual piece that, honestly, proved nothing.  Sure there were facts in the essay, but my intended audience (sports fans) don’t want to read about random ticket price figures or stadium sizes.  They want to identify with the experience behind the game.

In re-purposing my research paper to be a more informal journal article found in an online magazine, I created something that my intended audience might actually read.  And that’s the most exciting part of the whole re-purposing thing.  Until this point, all my papers for every other class have just taken in facts and then spit them out with pretty wording.  No one would ever want to read the piece (besides my professors, and maybe my parents).  Now?  I have an article that’s not just factual, but also interesting.  And that’s exciting.

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