Thank God It’s April!

Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me? Of course I’m sad that my junior year is ending (I never want to graduate, go away real world!) but, in a few short week’s we’ll finally get to relax and appreciate the fruits of all our hard labor these past 4 months, and I honestly can’t wait!

Every time I come home from school my puppy Buster takes a nap on my suitcase.

To put it bluntly, being a student in Writing 200 made me happy┬áto be a writer. It reminded me why I love it, and really how fulfilling it can be when you work with that title instead of against it. I’ve been so inspired by our writing assignments (e.g., I learned so much about how my life has shaped my writing from our first “Why I Write” essay) and by the people we’ve met in the “How I Write” meetings. I’m actually sort of looking forward to completing my E-Portfolio now that I have a better understanding of myself as a writer (although I know that by next weekend I’ll seriously be biting my tongue for having said such a blasphemous thing). One of my friends – who is a History major – actually looks forward to his final exams, because in his words “they put together everything we’ve learned over the semester and make us think about it in different ways. How cool!” Yeah, my eyes are rolling too. But now, in a way I see his point. Our E-Portfolio is a way to think about all of the ways we’ve studied writing and put ourselves to the test to aptly and creatively show what we know about our writing and present that knowledge effectively.

I think that with all of my exams, papers, projects, presentations, etc. etc. etc. things coming up as the semester closes, I’ll have to remind myself (as everyone should!) to stay calm. We’re in college! Let’s have a little fun while we’re still here. It’s not everyday that we get to be in classes as cool as Writing 200.

– Allie

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  1. 1. YES, tgia.
    2. YES, you’ve just put into words what I’ve been trying to figure out for awhile: That’ it’s best to work *with* the notion that you’re/I’m a writer, rather than against it (or maybe even worse, not thinking about it at all)!
    3. I will miss all of you dearly.

  2. I wish I could have your positive attitude. I’m in the thick of it. That point when you’ve already done some work but have still more work to do; it’s a little disheartening. I’m more like “How is it April already?!?!” I’m not the type to look forward to big projects but I definitely see what you mean. Finishing our e-portfolios gives us a chance to express ourselves and show what we’ve learned this semester. It’s an achievement. I’ll feel better about it once it’s done.

    I liked your comment about working for the title of being a writer rather than against it. I often times see writing as a struggle. You here a lot of writers talk, (admittedly, they usually are the loud-mouth “oh-I’m-so-creative” type) about having a compulsion to write. One e-portfolio, I remember, has a quote saying that the writer writes “because I can’t not.” I think there is some truth to that. Some people are just drawn to writing as a medium. However, we’re writers because we chose to be. Being a writer can be rewarding. I just have to think positively all the work I have to do . . . the pages of writing and revisions . . . the hours of studying for my finals . . . the lost sleep . . .

  3. Allie,

    Thanks for your words of positive encouragement! Similar to your April, mine has the potential be quite challenging and overwhelming. But we’re going to get through it and have so much to look back on!

    I enjoyed reading your ideas about writing as a writer instead of a person who happens to write. You seem to have a much better idea as to who you are as a writer. How do you see yourself applying this newfound mindset to your future writing pieces? How do you think you will be able to get this positivity to stick?!


  4. I concur, Writing 200 has made me look at the role of being a writer in a new perspective. Writing before meant fulfilling the rubric to (fingers crossed) score a decent grade out of the professor. That still largely is the case due to the academic nature of most of my writing, but I feel more confident to approach written work because I’ve taken the time to think about it more deeply and in innovative ways. I think we have all without a doubt gained a better understanding of why we write, and why we strive to write well.

    Buster’s going to be so happy to nap on your suitcase.

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