A Doomed Career

The Russian model hopefuls are not only entangled in a system where they are sexualized at a young age, they are signing up for a career that will last them, at most, 5 years. During that time they will have missed out on all of their schooling, and when they are dumped on the street at 18 by the fashion industry, they will have little job prospects. In fact, the only way they will have learned to make money is by using their appearance, and that is why I see many of the ex-models becoming prostitutes. Once the modeling income stops coming, what else has the modeling world prepared them for? The people in charge of scouting and firing the girls must know this, and surely, on some level, the parents must realize this too. At the very least they must know that once modeling is over, their daughter will be ill-prepared and under-educated for the real world. This comes back to what we were talking about in class, where the mother was deceiving herself in saying that her daughter becoming a model was the best thing for her.

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