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It’s been a while, huh? While I haven’t been blogging for this site in quite some time, I have been blogging for other classes. I’m taking Sociology 454 (Law and Society) this semester. For that class we have to blog at least 3 times throughout the semester and comment on a classmate’s blog every week. I find that blog to be particularly compelling.  I love how topical the threads have become. Since the class focuses on how laws play out in the real world, there are tons of news stories to comment on. For one of my posts I talked about the collective bargaining laws in Wisconsin and the opposition they have received. One of my classmates blogged about voter identification laws–a topic that is of great interest to me. I think the blog works really well for that class since we all have something to say about laws and rules. One person posted about the age requirement of 21 to consume alcohol, and the class went wild with that one!

In other classes, we use the CTools forums to host our discussion questions. I have found the WordPress site the most conducive to lively conversations. WordPress allows the blog participants to post videos, photos, and other multimedia links. And who doesn’t live a great gif?!? I like that course blogs give students the opportunity to talk about themes outside the prescribed class meeting times. I think course blogs are excellent because you can talk about these class topics in your own words and find ways to apply them to the world in which you live. I find blogging to be especially nice in classes where I’m not as comfortable talking in front of a large group or when the professor doesn’t allow for discussions.

How have you used blogs in other classes? What do you think works well? What makes for a good course blog? Any funny stories? I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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