Core Question from “Why I Write”

Okay, so after I reexamined my “Why I Write” essay I think the core question is,

“Does the academic atmosphere of curved classes and highly selective admission processes train students to become overly competitive, and develop a lack of compassion for peers? Do we ever lose these attributes once out of college?”

One thought to “Core Question from “Why I Write””

  1. This is an interesting question. On one hand, we choose to come to Michigan because of this very reason–to challenge ourselves academically, to be a part of a rigorous atmosphere, to simply be the leaders and best. However, the climate that you described above is real and problematic. Too many times, we root against our fellow classmates so that we can stand out from the crowd. This is paradoxical to some of the core values of the University-creativity, compassion, sharing of knowledge, etc.

    There is more to this question than this, and I would love to read what other people have to say. The thing I would like to add is this: Does the academic atmosphere of the University best prepare its students for the real world? Are students adequately prepared to encounter the complex challenges found in today’s society?

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