How I Write Update

I’ve decided to take advantage of the course’s unique grading structure and consider doing something music related for my essay. More specifically working out a simple tune with lyrics about why I write. I’d make it three separate parts – why I wrote as a little fella, why I currently write, and why I want to write in the future. The challenge of this approach is finding a suitable number of words. ┬áThere is no way in hell I would hit 800 words so i’ll have to talk to Shelley. Another potential problem is writing lyrics and music that doesn’t sound completely “made to order.” The goal would be to create something that would be listenable without knowing there is an underlying assignment. If I decide this is too ambitious with the time constraints I’ll just write a regular essay.







2 thoughts to “How I Write Update”

  1. Start working now; I want to see your lyrical writing skills.

    Less importantly, I think this is a great idea. This is definitely the type of paper that allows your creative juices to flow. Most classes force you to not only write a paper but a specific kind with annoying guidelines. So let it flow on this one!

  2. LOVE your idea. It’s so unique. I also want to “borrow” your idea about chronologically talking about why you write – when you were young, now, and why you want to write in the future.
    I hope your work with lyrics goes well because I really look forward to hearing it. Good luck!!!!

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