I Love to Write… But Why?

To say I am having difficulty with this assignment would be an extreme understatement. I find myself extremely frustrated with myself for not being able to express why I do something that is so important and relevant in my life. Then again, I haven’t had much experience in the reflection-writing realm – usually my writing has always been a forward movement as opposed to stopping and thinking about the past.

I am trying to get to the core of why I write. I know I love the art of persuasion, hoping to enter the field of public relations in which you are constantly pitching to others certain ideas and viewpoints. However, I know there is more to my writing purpose than just that. So, I began the assignment by jotting down every answer I could possibly think of until I found a common thread among my scattered notes.

I’ve decided that the root of my passion for writing lies in my want to be heard. I think that my essay will focus on how hectic my lifestyle has become over the years and that in the midst of chaos, writing has provided me with the rare opportunity to be introspective and contribute my opinions to others. I hope that through my essay my personality is shown as well.

My biggest struggle is finding evidence to get my message across. Perhaps I will incorporate stories from past writing processes? Having just read “Shitty First Drafts” for class tomorrow, I think what will help me the most is to simply write down everything I am thinking and go from there.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts to “I Love to Write… But Why?”

  1. Alexis, It’s very interesting to see the way you’re planning your “Why I Write” essay. When I write, I too, have a desire to have my voice to be heard. I think you’re off to a great start – I would love to see how your lifestyle has progressed throughout the years, and how writing has given you an outlet to share your opinion with others.

    It can often be difficult to express your voice and personality in an academic paper, however, I am really looking forward to seeing your final draft! I can already decipher your voice via your blog posts, so I am confident you will be able to do the same throughout your paper 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I think the “root of my passion for writing lies in my want to be heard” is a great angle for this assignment. You seem to have a good grasp of why you write, and the place writing has in your “hectic lifestyle.” I too am struggling with finding “evidence” for this assignment. Considering the reflective nature of the assignment, gathering evidence is certainly difficult. Besides writing about past writing processes, write about what you were talking about in the second to last paragraph of your post. Your evidence can be examples how writing has allowed you introspection amidst all the chaos. That can be a good jumping off point to discuss how you developed as a writer.
    I definitely agree that this is a difficult assignment since it’s a type of writing that we haven’t done much of.

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