I Write to Understand

Responding to the prompt “Why I Write” is difficult in and of itself. Writing an entire paper on it will pose an even bigger challenge. The best way to go about figuring out the answer is to go back and look at what you’ve written in the past. What was the goal or intention of that work? I think that I write to understand problems and explain them. Writing lends itself to research and I can learn a great deal about a topic when doing research before writing.

I guess those ideas will be the foundation for “Why I Write” but I’m having trouble fleshing these thoughts out completely and turning into a full paper. Part of the reason I am having trouble might be because I have written very few, if any, “meta” pieces of writing. I’ve written a lot of things as a student, but haven’t reflected on them that much. Doing it all at once is a challenge. However, the more I write and the more I look back at my old work, I might get a better sense of how this paper will shape up. A lot of times when writing a paper I have that “A-ha” moment when everything seems to come together. That hasn’t happened for me yet with this, but hopefully it will.

This is an especially hard paper to write because in most cases, your research and the bulk of your sources are coming from the outside. In this case, I am both the writer and the resource, which certainly poses an unfamiliar challenge. Since we have the freedom to approach this assignment however we want, I think I might write about how I have evolved as a writer, and where my passion for writing stems from.

Writing this paper should certainly be an interesting process, let’s hope my head doesn’t hurt too much afterwards.

2 thoughts to “I Write to Understand”

  1. I really liked your post! Your comment that “I am both the writer and the resource,” is a great point. We really have to be familiar with ourselves and our writing processes to compose this assignment. I too have not had that “A-ha” moment yet. However, I think you are on a great track with focusing your thesis on writing to understand. That is something I haven’t thought of before and it really is very true. There is so much information that we are exposed to every day and often times writing and organizing our thoughts on paper helps to fully comprehend various issues.

    Good luck!

  2. Ben,

    I definitely you should write about how you’ve evolved as a writer, and where your passion from writing stems from. I too, have experienced difficulty when trying to articulate “why I write…” Of course we know “why we write” but it’s not as easy to describe when you’re trying to explain it on paper. I think if you focus on the rhetorical perspective, and go back and question yourself, and the decisions you’ve made as a writer, that will help you a lot. I would definitely start by going back and looking at what you’ve written in the past, and seeing how you’re thinking, and your purpose has changed, and that should be a great place to start.

    Good luck!

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