It’s Time to Begin, Isn’t It?


“Glee” is my favorite TV show… and the music from it is often my inspiration during my writing process.

01 It’s Time (Glee Cast Version)

When I’m stuck, I’m really very stuck. So you know what I do then? Listen to my writing music. Today the song of choice is the “Glee” version of “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. You should actually be able to listen to it because I attached it to this post. Even if you don’t watch “Glee”, it’s a great cover of a terrific song. Hopefully it will bring you the same inspiration to you that it brought to me today.

Today I took the time to look at my past essays. The essays I have written in college fall into two general categories:

1.) Creative Fiction

2.) Research Essays- typically argumentative

After re-reading several of both, I came to a realization of why I write.

I write to convince an audience of my beliefs. In my essays I work relentlessly to find the most up-to-date and influential data in order to persuade my readers to believe what I believe. I also work equally hard to come up with a “rebuttal” of what the audience may believe. Counterpoints are a crucial part of any argumentative essay for that reason! Examples of argumentative essays I have written include:

1.) Vaccinations DO NOT lead to autism. Every child should receive all necessary vaccinations.

2.) Having single-gender schools for K-12 can be extremely beneficial for students because of the more limited distractions, increased levels of self-confidence and greater sense of sisterhood/brotherhood.

3.) Talk therapy is more beneficial to people suffering from mental illness than psychotropic drugs.

My creative fiction, of course, conveys my beliefs a little bit differently. The characters of my stories often deal with a problem that I see in society and through the plot I indirectly offer my opinions about such topics. I have written about divorce, suicide and campus safety. These are all topics that I feel strongly about and was able to express those views through my short stories.

I am hopeful when I say that my writing has probably influenced my readers. And that is why I write. To inspire a change, no matter how small.

It started off with the song “It’s Time” and ended with my own new personal mission statement to hold close when I write.


4 thoughts to “It’s Time to Begin, Isn’t It?”

  1. This made me think a lot of Orwell’s “Why I Write” essay in that you write to reflect what you believe & also the “Why I Blog” essay. Particularly if you’re a blogger as your last (required) post concluded, writing what you believe can (as the “Why I Blog” essay suggested) serve an oddly exploratory function. When people have the ability to comment back, you suddenly have a dialogue where you can reiterate your position or even expand it as others’ views broaden your own. I think that’s pretty cool.

  2. Hey Sarah, I am finally leaving a comment on the correct group member’s post. Huzzah. First off, I’ve been bumping to the new Imagine Dragon album this last week (Radioactive needs to be in a trailer soon), so right off the bat, nice blog post. I liked what you wrote about wanting to show the reader why you believe what you believe, and get them onto your side. I think that’s one of the marks of a really good persuasive writer, especially when you get the reader to empathize with a protagonist who is slightly/super-insanely evil.

    1. I really do love making people empathize with a morally wrong character. One of my favorite books “19 Minutes” by Jodi Picoult is about a high school shooting. And by the end of the book I was so empathetic for the high school bully that I was like screw it, I wouldve killed them too.

  3. I think its great how you’ve organized your past writings and taken the time to consider what you were trying to accomplish while writing them. An interesting aspect of a peer review would be to ask your reviewer (after reading your essay) what they think you were going for. If the two purposes are similar, you know you accomplished what you were trying to accomplish.

    Also, just have to add that 19 minutes is on of my favorite books too and I felt the same way about the other students by the time I got to the end. That’s something interesting that I never really took the time to think about. It’s pretty crazy that we managed to completely change our minds about something solely due to the writing…

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