Making something out of nothing

While at first you may be thinking that an assignment like “Why I Write” seems super easy (No page requirement!? No specific structure!? No list of questions that need to be addressed in the paper!? Crazy!), you are sadly mistaken. Or, at least I am.

For me, having a more structured prompt actually helps me generate more ideas than an assignment like this one that can literally go in a million different directions. So, my biggest challenge thus far has been stage one: making something out of nothing. Staring at a blank page, cursor blinking (laughing!) at me, my mind drawing blanks.¬†Why do I write? What will I classify as “writing” in this paper? Will I only discuss academic writing? Or will I include speech writing, or text messaging, or Facebook posting? Will I start my paper off with an anecdote? Will I include some passages from ghosts of my writing’s past? Maybe I will just blabber on, stream-of-consciousness style, until by the last paragraph the answer will await me. Oh well, here’s to hoping I don’t end up like this guy…

Good luck everyone!

One thought to “Making something out of nothing”

  1. hahah Amy, your writing style never ceases to amuse me.

    I’m pretty much in the same boat…a 3 word topic never sounded more difficult. I just commented on Gabriella’s post about the same thing, I would prefer a structured topic where I can draw out a mind map with all the directions I can go in. At this point, my mind map pretty much has a cloud with “why I write” written in it – quite depressing.
    I think a problem I have, and you might agree, is that there are a multitude of reasons I have about why I write, but I’m worried about how to put it all together and what examples/evidence to use. At this point, I’m on my way to turning in a long inarticulate ramble. But at least we don’t have to worry about grades! haha.

    Good luck with your essay!

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