Not so easy

Answering the question “why I write” has been a challenging assignment. In fact, I am even finding it more difficult than writing a research or academic paper. I think this is because I am always so used to writing simply because I have to do it for an assignment. But this question and prompt is forcing me to really answer a question I probably have never even answer or even thought to answer before. It is definitely forcing me to really look deep into my writing and think about what I am try to get out each piece of writing I have composed. In my opinion, this question is not as easy as it may appear….


My plan with approaching this assignment is to investigate my relationship with writing throughout my past. I have already begun looking for common themes in my writings and for what purpose I wrote each different piece of writing. I plan to look a few specific scenarios from the past of when I may have struggle with writing or even an occasion when I flourished. One example that come to mind for me is describing my experience with writing and giving a speech for my high school graduation. I think by exploring this example, I can find out a great deal about myself as well as my reasons for writing.  I will try to capture my thought process and emotions while I wrote that speech. I also will try to incorporate what I hope to achieve in the future as a writer and areas of writing I want to explore and further develop in.


(In some ways, writing this blog has actually been a helpful resource for figuring out how to approach this prompt. By simply writing this out, I now have a better grasp on how to tackle this assignment. )

3 thoughts to “Not so easy”

  1. Brandon, I think that your plan to reflect on a specific experience of writing (i.e. your graduation speech) is a smart plan. Maybe breaking it down into its most simplest parts will help you see your real intention underneath… Maybe you didn’t realize that intention until you pulled the exterior off… Maybe you’ll find something powerful inside… Looking forward to reading your draft!

  2. Brandon, I agree with you completely. I write because someone tells me to. I think that your idea of looking at past essays is a great one, and something I might do now. Especially high school graduation, you probably had a lot of pressure put on you and wanted to make it great. I think exploring how you made it a good speech would be helpful in finding out why you write, because chances are you worked really hard and certain things made you happy and proud in your speech. Finding out what those things were, the grammar, the similes, or whatever could be helpful. Also, I am in the same boat as you in that the blog post really helped me think about this prompt.

  3. Brandon,

    I completely agree. I am struggling to find an answer to this question because it is something that I have really never thought about before! I have thought about how I write and even what types of writing I like to do, but never considered why I write. I think your idea to discuss your experience with your speech is a great starting point, and I will definitely like to see how it turns out. I also completely agree about writing the blog post, it helped me to get some of the ideas floating around in my head down onto paper so that I can actually start writing. Good luck!

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