Oh Blogging, Where Art Thou?

It has been quite some time since I last wrote a blogpost. I take that back.  It has been quite some time since I’ve done any sort of writing…

Many months have passed since the Winter 2012 semester—the semester I joined the MIW; the semester I did more writing than is probably recommended for a maturing, over-analytic mind.  Many months have passed since I was enrolled in both WRI200 and ENG325.  Many months have passed since my evenings were occupied with reading, writing, writing about reading, and reading about writing.  Many months have passed since the last time I was forced to articulate—in tangible, written form—all of the thoughts circulating through my head.

But, oddly enough, I think I miss it.  I miss the nights I spent in the library—with one album on repeat and a cup of coffee—outlining, drafting, and writing.  I miss how the writing assignments began to occupy all of my time—even during the hours in which I was not actually “writing.”  I miss having an epiphany about the analysis in an essay which, in turn, forced me to stop walking through campus and, rather franticly, reach into my backpack for a scrap piece of paper so that I could see what I was thinking.

These things have pushed writing to become some other “force” in my life.  It has become some sort of escape; it has become some sort of expression.  Writing has become, I now realize,—especially after writing this blogpost—something I cannot live without.  It has become something that I am not supposed to live without.  Writing has become a necessity for me.

And maybe, if I am at all lucky enough, I’ll be able to accurately articulate—through the process of writing itself—just what this process means to me.  But, until that day comes, I guess I’ll just have to continue writing…

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