Precis for Andrew Sullivan’s “Why I Blog”

Andrew Sullivan makes a case for the value of blogging and the importance it has in the sphere of writing. Blogging is a “more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive” form of writing—or as Sullivan says metaphorically, it is to “writing what extreme sports are to athletics.” While Sullivan recognizes the importance of traditional forms of writing, he finds the instantaneous and personal nature of blogging very appealing. A blog’s immediacy, Sullivan concedes, can lend itself to factual inaccuracies and an argument that lacks depth. However, this form of writing compensates for those faults by opening itself up to the scrutiny and criticism of the blogosphere. Commenters and fellow bloggers can argue or disprove a blogger’s entry through comments or hyperlinking to other sources on the web. Blogging creates an environment in which an entire community of writers works together to establish facts and form opinions.

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