Question: Revisiting Gender Stereotypes in Journalism

Hi all,

After much debate, I’ve settled on asking you all to think about this:

I’m currently a contributing writer and co-editor of the University of Michigan’s Her Campus branch.  For those of you unfamiliar with the site, Her Campus is an online magazine geared toward college women, covering topics that range from fall fashion trends to birth control pills to frat party etiquette, and so on.  We write under the motto, “A Collegettie’s Guide to Life.” Though Her Campus generates contributions from male writers, it’s a female dominated publication.

Though female writers have made a mark for themselves in the world of journalism, when we cover such female-oriented topics, do you think men will ever take us seriously enough and respect us as much as they would respect their male counterparts who cover the more politically-charged “hard” news?

Just something to think about!


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  1. Hi Caroline,

    I think you have brought up a great point. I think the fact that “Her” is a female dominated publication and is geared towards women can be a turn off to men. Obviously the topics of discussion are not really relatable to men so in that sense I understand why they would not take it seriously.

    However, I do think the broader question of women being respected in the world of journalism is a different story. I think women can often bring a different angle to “hard” news that sometimes men may not be aware of or not view as important. Of course this is a generalization, but I think gradually men will start to view female writers as a threat. Generally speaking, there is something about a women’s view on these “hard” news topics that evokes emotion instead of strictly focusing on facts.

    In the profession of writing and journalism, I think that women have a a very strong presence. Do you think that we will continue to move forward?

  2. I believe it depends more on the topic than the gender of the writer. I think that women writers can defiantly earn the same respect as men writers when they write about the same topics. Articles about fall fashion trends will not be respected as much as articles about war, the political debates, world trends ect. no matter who writes them though because they are generally only geared at one gender, and are not very serious topics.

  3. I agree with mjhannah. An article posted about bikini waxing is not going to earn the same respect as an investigative journalism piece about a apartheid in Africa. I think as a woman, I respect the men who follow “hard” news more than the men who write for GQ. While I think women deserve equal amounts of respect in their journalism fields, and that respect may be lacking, I don’t think that the same respect is given to anyone that writes for American Girl versus The New York Times or National Geographic.

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