tierney and pearson

Tierney and Pearson’s mention of active reading resonated with me. Oftentimes I find myself becoming a lazy reader when reading things that are not of particular interest.  Rarely will I ask questions of the text, I usually just take it for what it is.  There are seemingly endless deadlines in college so finishing an assigned reading as quickly as possible is usually the desirable outcome.  Once the authors started talking about “monitoring” and the “other self” I started to become slightly confused as to what they were exactly saying. It seems like the authors are suggesting some sort of third person view of things.  All in all it was worthwhile to read Tierney and Pearson, as I will apply some of their techniques to my future writing practices.

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  1. Unfortunately, I also become a lazy reader when it comes to numerous assigned readings. It was good to be reminded again to become an active reader that is engaged with a text and its meaning. I think that if I had more time, I would be able to more actively engage with readings that interest me. Writers spend so much time constructing what they are going to say that it would be nice if I could fully appreciate it!!

  2. I understood the “monitoring” and “other self” they were referring to as the ability to revise your writing as if you were the reader. I think it is just as easy to get caught up in the intent of your writing without properly portraying your ideas as it is to quickly read for speed rather than analyzing the content. This class should give us all the time to slow down and break some of these time dependent habits. We should take the flexibility of deadlines to create our best work.

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