Why I Write: My Question

While writing my essay “Why I Write”, I found myself thinking about the two approaches to writing: viewing writing as an undertaking that deserves time and care or trying to get the assignment done as quickly and painlessly as possible. I often see many of my peers that genuinely aren’t happy in the classes  they are paying thousands of dollars to take.  My question is, why do students feel obligated or push themselves to take classes or choose career paths that they don’t genuinely enjoy and may even despise? I think there are many answers to why this could be so I look forward to your responses!

2 thoughts to “Why I Write: My Question”

  1. I’m a communications major, which is pretty laid-back and I like most of the classes I’m taking so maybe I’m not the best person to answer this. But the first answer that comes to mind is to get a high-paying job. I’m planning on pursuing a career in journalism, which is what I really want to do, but I know I’m going to be broke and have trouble finding a job. So maybe it’s a trade-off?

  2. For me, at least, for where I grew up, there is intense pressure put on kids from the time they are born to succeed and make something of themselves. I know that I was lucky in that my parents were pretty chill in letting me make my own decisions and pave my own way, but I still felt that if I didn’t do well, then I was letting them down. In relation to what your post is about, many kids go through these classes because they feel like that is what is expected of them, to go to med school or business school or law school. Another reason might be that a hated class is a required class to take other classes, so people go through it complaining as a coping mechanism, no matter how annoying it is to those around them.

    I do enjoy my classes though, fyi.

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