“Why Men Fail” Mission Statement

I’ve always been intrigued by The New York Times opinion articles. I can’t count the number of times my outlook on an issue has been swayed by these savvy columnists. My searching eyes reached a halt yesterday upon reading the title “Why Men Fail.” ‘Really?’ I thought as I stared at the picture of author David Brooks looking quite professional and intellectual. This guy has something negative to say about the male gender?

Instead of summarizing this article, I thought it would be interesting in light of today’s class to present its information through pretending to enter the mind of David Brooks. In essence, the following is what I believe his mission statement would be…

  • I want readers to understand that adversity among a historical minority group (women) has rendered them advantageous in today’s workplace.
  • I want my audience to understand that flexibility and adaptability is perhaps just as important as mastery of the current times. Change is inevitable – today’s norms are tomorrow’s outdated practices.
  • Stubbornness with what is limits vision and movement.
  • Lastly, clinging to certain ideologies without an open mind will only hinder your progression within society.

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  1. Nice–you’ve got a great grasp of the content here! What do you think his “mission” might have been in terms of structure? Or voice? Or rhetorical choices?

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