I find this question slightly difficult to answer. Questions such as: “Why should I write?” or “How can writing help me?” seem easier to answer. However, after much pondering I have answered this question: “Why do I enjoy writing more than studying?”.  And this is where I am going to begin my paper. Just as Lamott said in “Shitty First Drafts”, by getting words on paper I will come across an idea, although it may not come until the sixth page (something alone those lines). So here is the beginning of my words on paper.I

I think I enjoy writing more than studying because it is better aligned with my thought process. I have never been a quick thinker and I do not retain information well, especially information that I either do not care about or understand. In this sense writing allows me to take my time. I can wait until my ideas are fully developed before I need to put them down on paper. And if I change my mind, all it takes is the backspace button. Writing also allows me to refer back to sources to double check my facts. I don’t need to memorize the information in order to use it. Finally, I enjoy the freedom writing gives me. Maybe I interpret some piece of information differently than the person next to me. Writing gives me the ability to use my interpretation of the information and elaborate or explain my point of view. There are fewer “right or wrong” answers in writing of which I could use a few more.

3 thoughts to “WhyiWrite”

  1. A. Love your title.
    B. Do you “enjoy the freedom” writing gives you or enjoy the freedom you give yourself in the act of writing? Let yourself be more expressive without fear of failure?
    C. Love your title.

  2. Since I know you so well, this is so insightful and just makes perfect sense (with your personality, etc.)
    I loved the sentence about the backspace button! I think it could even be a great starting point to your essay.
    If you focus on one or two things and really expand on them, I think you will get across what you want to say in a unique way!!

  3. It’s great you’re putting a lot of thought into hashing out why you write. However I’d suggest refraining from thinking about it too much as well. It looks like you have a few solid points to guide you as you begin writing. I’d like to hear more about how your unique interpretation of information fuels your desire to write.

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