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“Why I Blog”

I have never been a blogger myself but I don’t think I have ever given it much thought. I saw it as a way for people to share opinions on the internet. I never thought of it as an avenue for writers but rather a social conversation for the general public. Sullivan allowed me to understand how blogging could be important for writers.

Sullivan sees blogging as a revolution for writers. The ability to instantly publish their work with the possibility of catching any eyeball on the internet fulfills any writers dream. But blogging also created a new kind of writing, a less professional yet more opinionated and expressive form of writing. Sullivan describes this in a metaphor, “Blogging is therefore to writing what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal, more alive. It is, in many ways, writing out loud.” Sullivan captures the importance of blogging for a writer.


“Why I Write” – Orwell

I enjoyed his description of how his writing developed throughout his life. The different events of his life impacted subjects for writing. It shows how personal writing can be. Each author’s style is completely different.


“Why I Write” – Didion

I enjoy Didion’s use of writing because it defined her. The idea that her self identity would be lost without writing fascinates me. It proves her passion for writing and the large impact it has on her life.

Joan Didion didn’t write about who she was, mostly because it took her a long time to discover herself anyway. She let the words describe her. She let the words draw the pictures. She let the words tell the story. The theme she used in writing was, “play it as it lies.” Writing was and is an escape for Didion. It allows her to discover herself and answer questions that would have otherwise remained unknown.

It seems as though each writer uses their talent an an outlet. Didion uses her writing to discover herself, Orwell uses his writing to share what he thinks is beautiful or important and Sullivan blogs in order to ponder opinions. Through each of these outlets comes expression from the author. A place to share, observe and discover. Overlooking the vast differences between these three authors, I enjoy their shared passion for writing.

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  1. I also have never given much consideration to blogging. For whatever reason it failed to resonate with me as a legitimate source of writing. The casual nature of blogging may have contributed to my lack of appreciation. However, seriousness and formality are not necessary for quality writing. I stereotyped bloggers as overly emotional people who shared too many details about their personal lives. I do not read any blogs, but now that I am no longer blog ignorant I may look into it.

  2. I definitely have considered blogging as a less professional form of writing, as you mentioned. I think that that is why I sometimes have a hard time taking it seriously or having a desire to read it. I rather read facts and form my own opinions.
    That being said, I really liked how you summarized Sullivan’s piece, as well as the other two! I am beginning to appreciate blogging more and understand how writing in general, regardless of the form, is an outlet of personality expression for a lot of writers.

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