Re-purposing Thoughts

For my re-purposing project I am planning to use an academic essay I wrote for another class. This essay was about the advantages and disadvantages of the two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. In this paper, I went into great detail (10 pages) on how long-term peace would not be a feasible outcome through a two-state solution. I described how extremist groups and current settlement issues would make this plan unlikely to actually work. For the re-purposing project I have been trying to decide between writing a letter to a UN member addressing the problems of the situation or writing an op-ed in a newspaper like the NY Times and arguing how a two-state solution would not work. These two options obviously have a different audience and how I would approach it would be different for both. The first audience would be the UN and the letter would have a professional manner. I would explain what I believe the UN must do and would look into recommending a solution (thought I don’t know what I would recommend yet).The latter audience would be much larger as it would pertain to people who read the New York Times and are interested in foreign policy and issues. Because people who read op-ed usually read on a train or bus on the way to work and typically don’t spend a too much time on one article in the paper I would need a strong introduction and title to grab in the reader. I would also have to argue against people who believe the two state solution would work. Both options could be very interesting to explore, and I am still considering the possibilities.


Yet I do have some questions about how to tackle this assignment. Do you think this is enough of a re-purpose of my original paper? How could I make a clear difference between my audience in my original essay and my new piece of work?

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  1. I think that first you have to decide who your audience was the first time. If it was an academic argument, then I think that writing an letter to the UN would be rather similar, just because you would probably be writing a fairly academic and formal letter. I think if that is the case then the 0p-ed might be really interesting and challenging to compress and remove any extraneous detail while still informing the reader, but now in a simple, an easy to read way…
    Good Luck 🙂

  2. I’m going to agree with Madelaine here, Brandon. I’m not for sure on who your original audience was intended to be, so I’m not sure that I can answer your first question with 100% certainty. However, I don’t imagine that your first audience was the United Nations, so I can say with 99% certainty that you will have two distinct audiences based solely on your format and language. I’m still partial to the letter idea, partly because it sounds so much different and unique from what you originally set out to do with the piece (…which is the point of re-purposing, right?).

    Do you think that if you are super purposeful with your words and set-up in the letter that you could distinguish between your audiences at first read? More importantly, is this something that you could live with/struggle with for a relatively long time in terms of paper-life?

    Again, I think you will rock it!

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