Politics on Facebook


Lately I have been overwhelmed on Facebook with notifications of who “liked” Mitt Romney or a shot of the back of Obama’s head with an inspirational word underneath. I see various political charged status posts and some heated conversations via “wall” conversations and some feverently write about how they are annoyed with the political attention and put up images like the one attached. My question is, is the picture I included true? Are we persuaded by Facebook to change or develop political opinions? Does this type of social media affect who we vote for? Or if we vote? I personally know who I am voting for and am not going to change my mind based on someones “wall” photo. However, the constant presence of political opinions on a website I often use has made me more conscious of the political turmoil.  I am more aware of my responsibility as a citizen to vote,  to play a role in my future, and possible fate, and much less so, but still a little bit, to defeat the people with political opinions I don’t agree with. Although I am annoyed by the badgering of photos such as these, I think that it is good people are asserting their opinions. I also think that the best way to do this though is to vote. “Liking” Obama or Romney won’t do much unless it is followed by a trip to the polls. Do you feel influenced by peoples photos? Are they able to change or influence your political opinions? 

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