Accurate Account of the Debate

After looking around at the endless amount of articles and opinions about the debate, I think that “5 things we learned from the presidential debate” by Peter Hamby, Mark Preston, and Paul Seinhauser on was the most accurate in the sense that it delivered the most reliable representation of what occurred at the debate. Overall the article discussed how Romney took the offensive, was at ease, seemed confident in his answers, and really demonstrated that he had the authority to act presidential even next to the incumbent president. On the other hand Obama, though not on the defensive, was not asking the questions or making the statements he could have to provoke the Republican candidate. Instead he seemed a little “lethargic” as the article ensues. He missed opportunities to attack Romney on his tax plan, an area where the polls show that Obama has more of America’s support. He also did not push Romney to explain his 20% tax cut and exactly how that would work while keeping the tax deductions. He did not mention the “47% remark” which could have put Romney on the defensive. The article then states the opinion that Romney wasn’t stellar, but Obama fell short. This I believe is the perfect summary for the evening. Romney did well, yes, but only in comparison to how he has been doing and what he was expected to do, and honestly the expectations were pretty low. Obama on the other hand did disappoint and seemed to lack the courage to be forward and fight, which either is a strategy that the democrats are going to try to use to their advantage or just a failure of the President. In all honestly I don’t see the point in trying to make sense of the debate because I think that it is such a manipulative and senseless process as a whole. I really did not enjoy watching the debate because I felt like so many prevalent questions were left out, my biggest concern being that the environment was not even addressed, and this is an issue that affects all humans regardless of party alignments.  I think that the whole thing needs to be restructured so that it is more straightforward and understandable, not a spewing of numbers and facts that are confusing and may or may not be true. As cynical as this may sound, we are the citizens of a nation that while great has many problems when it comes to the government and its duties to the citizens, and I do not know if these problems can be remedied.

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