Captain’s Log, Week Eight

Something I’ve noticed as I write “substantially revised drafts” at a self-motivated pace is that I have a strong tendency to change my mind.  When I’m drafting in general it takes me a couple drafts (and I’m talking shitty ones) to even figure out where I’m trying to take the paper.  (I know…I write a little backwards sometimes…)

Having slowly arrived at (relative?) clarity as to the ever elusive end for my re-purposing piece, I’m coming to grips with the fact that I’m about to have to start the shitty-draft process all over again with the re-mediation project.  [Mental sigh…]  So as for my first messy, questionably constructed, hack job attempt on the re-mediation project: I’m leaning towards designing and assembling my own web article out of a piece originally aimed at print magazine. My question is…how idiot proof is software like InDesign and (insert other pertinent programs here)? And also, anybody know of University Computers with it installed?  (I figure if you’re my captive audience, I may at least get a poll for my post.)

One thought to “Captain’s Log, Week Eight”

  1. Kat, I think most university computers have awesome design software installed. Also, maybe someone in our class will do a technology presentation on it–maybe you?–for points! 😉

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