Errol Morris

Errol Morris has become famous for his interesting and innovative interview technique. He appeals to the human emotions by imploring the Interrotron, a device that uses a two-way mirror to project a face in the lens of the camera as opposed to a black circle. This means that the person being interviewed is staring straight into the eyes of Morris as they answer questions, and he is looking right back, but they are not actually facing one another. This technique has allowed Morris to capture some of the most riveting and intriguing interviews of our time. One particular candid interview was the interview with Sondra London who was a “serial killer groupie”. Morris’ technique has the effect of drawing out emotion and convincing the audience that the person staring at you on the screen is delving deep into their memories or past to conjure up the truth, the actual truth, as they see it. It is a strange experience to read or watch. His questions are of the sort that you would find a friend asking another friend. He truly seems to care and participate in the story as it is being told. In this particular interview, London describes her past boyfriend’s obsession with harming or killing women and how this has shaped her into who she is today- a woman obsessed with serial killers. The interview is chilling in its honesty, and it seems truly as if the audience is watching a private conversation rather than a taped interview. I think the technique is extremely effective and plan on researching Morris further. Did anyone else find any interview especially provoking?

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