hand orgasm map?

At times, throughout the event, I felt a bit out of my element. Mainly because Sheila’s experiences and interests differ from mine. There is also a difference between gearing up to write when it’s one’s profession and when one is a student. Writing for me has always been subject to a strict dichotomy, either forced or completely willing.  Class assignments usually fall into the forced category whereas any other form of writing outside of assignments comes naturally and does not need coaxing. I related to when Sheila mentioned auto-ethonography and how she just did it out of instinct. Most of my writing style just happens as well. I usually play it by ear, whether I’m critiquing grammar or style or whatever. I rarely have on hand any explicit rules – if it sounds good i’ll use it. I think this stems from my eagerness to be thrown into an environment and figure things out for myself, the “sink or swim” mentality. After listening to how Sheila writes I can say that is how I write. I just jump in and see what happens.

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  1. Since I didn’t make it to the event, it’s interesting to get different thoughts on it and what they did or didn’t relate to. I agree with you on the playing it by ear; I feel like I have a limited knowledge of grammar rules, I just know what sounds right and what doesn’t.
    But, if I’m understanding your “sink and swim” analogy, I have to say that this is pretty different than how I approach writing. I am a planner and like to be semi-organized before I sit down to write, the whole jumping in and seeing what happens thing is a little foreign, but it’s awesome that you connected with Sheila on that aspect of writing.

  2. I think that is a real cool way to write. I have never been able to do accomplish writing this way. The tactic of writing with no exact direction reminds me of Didion’s “Why I Write”. Does your approach to writing relate more to Didions? Do you have a “shimmering” image in your mind or are you really just going with the flow?

  3. you no longer have to feel like the 3rd wheel.
    A. because our group of 3 simply does not exist anymore
    B. I am commenting on this after watching you write this post – you weren’t the odd one out!

    I think that I write in a similar fashion to you. I just go for it and then edit it later. The problem arises when my brain goes all over the place, touching on a million different subjects, and I have nothing guiding me in one direction. This has been a reoccurring weakness in my writing: “more than one idea” “needs more organization” “make sure your ideas flow.” Although I do just “go with the flow” when writing, I think I could use a few rules to guide my writing.

    P.S. great title

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