More questions than answers

“How do you want to present yourself as a writer?”

“Who is your ideal audience?”

“How interactive do you want your portfolio to be, and to what end?”

As things currently stand, my answers to these three questions (and, for that matter, virtually all the other e-portfolio prompts) can best be summed up as follows: I have no clue. I have no clue. I have no clue.

It could be because we’re so early in the process that I lack a specific vision for my final product. But I suspect it’s something else. I suspect it’s because this whole concept of the e-portfolio, of a virtual autobiography of my “life” as a writer, is actually quite exciting…so exciting that it can actually be overwhelming. The more I think about it, the more possibilities there are. In effect, there are as many options running through my head as there are prompt questions to which, as yet, I have no idea how to respond.

The one thing I do know about my e-portfolio is that I want it to be aesthetically inspiring. In other words, I want whatever visuals I decide to incorporate–such as in the header, background, pages, and blog posts–to set the tone for the writing that is to follow. In one sense, I wonder if this isn’t almost cheating. I certainly didn’t illuminate the manuscripts of the Middle Ages, nor paint the Mona Lisa of Renaissance, nor sculpt the Ecstasy of St. Teresa of the Baroque Period. And yet just seeing any one of these can evoke an awe and inspiration that my writing alone would not. An extremely talented writer, on the other hand, would probably opt for a more bland portfolio design, confident that this effect could be provoked by his writing itself.

Regardless, I think there’s a lot to the saying that “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” And just because I appreciate a visually-appealing design does not mean that I know how to create one. Overcoming my “technological disabilities” to do so will probably be one of the most challenging parts of this whole e-portfolio process.

2 thoughts to “More questions than answers”

  1. Joe,

    I am completely on the same page with feeling totally lost when it comes to the e-portfolio prompt! The idea of it is so exciting, but I have so many different thoughts floating around in my head that every time I try to just sit down and think about it I feel like I might explode! But I think your idea about focusing on creating a very aesthetically pleasing e-portfolio is great. I completely agree with what you said about appreciating a visually appealing design and how powerful images can be in accompaniment with writing. However, I am definitely with you in that actually creating these designs on the computer will come as quite the challenge! Hopefully some tech-savy classmates can help us!

  2. Joe,
    I know exactly how you feel about the e-portfolio prompt and I’d like to think most of the class does too! I find it so overwhelming that I couldn’t even do my blog about it! The e-portfolio is so cool and such an original class project that we can hopefully use in the future, but that alone is what makes it so stressful! We can use it for whatever, whenever, and we have so much freedom of what we can do with it. Most times when we submit a paper or assignment we never have to use it or even look at it again but for the e-portfolio it makes us use all those forgotten papers again and even edit them. I am technologically challenged so I have all these ideas of what i hope my e-potfolio will be like but have no idea how I implement them. I like your ideas about visually appealing designs and that’s definitely a good place to start with your e-portfolio. I have been considering the same things and have been so concerned about my e-portfolio since the first day of class that I made an appointment with my writing advisor, which was extremely helpful. I think we have the same advisor (Ray?) and he really helped me think about design and aesthetically pleasing ways to set up the e-portofolio and I would definitely suggest going into talk to him about it too if you are lost or concerned! Good thoughts so far though!

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