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I’d like to start off by saying  that I thought Shelia Murphy was hilarious. Talk about a really unique and outspoken individual. I thought it was really cool that she was able to share some personal details about her life and how it got her where she is now. I think sharing personal details will make your audience more likely to really listen to you and take you seriously. If she had just talked about her writing process in a really impersonal way, I don’t think I would’ve left there with the same feelings.

One part that I found to be really funny and interesting was the “writing zone” that Shelia enters for her writing. I remember she said there were lots of sticky notes and odd little things to look at in her writing space. I think she mentioned a cactus of some sort? Hahahahha I found that to be so random and hilarious.

So then I started thinking about my ideal writing space and what I would want in it. Rather than tell you, I have decided to show you!

ahhhhhh a doorway leading to “THE WRITING ZONE” !!!
a clean white desk with lots of space on the wall above to tack up weird things, reminders, and inspiration
is asking for a separate little sunroom off to the side of my writing area too much? nahhhhhhh
HANGING BED?!?!?!?! like talk about ideal.
this chair is like a sweater…. for your butt. its a must!
paper lantern lights. its just a cool ambiance.
a countdown till christmas. doesn’t matter if its 364 days away… it still would make me happy.
a poster of mcdreamy. no explanation necessary.
inspirational sticky notes!!
chunky sweaters for dayyyyzzz
more chocolate!!
fuzzy socks…. my feet tend to get very cold. gotta have those cozy socks 🙂 the best are the ones with bath and body works with aloe infused in them…..!
sometimes i wear glasses when I write (I don’t need glasses….) because they make me feel smarter.
and a full body sweater for the day when things just arent going my way.













































































Well that was super fun to make. Now I need to make lots of money so I can afford to make this happen. I hope this made you laugh like Shelia made me laugh at the “How I Write” event!

One thought to “My Writing Zone”

  1. I love this. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the How I Write Event, but I’m sure it was awesome. It’s very true that a writing space can really mold how well my writing goes. If I’m in the basement of my house with all of the fluorescent lighting and a lack of windows…my creativity runs dry. That’s why I take to a Starbucks or my room (though I tend to get sidetracked by other things there). But I love the things you’ve listed as your ideal writing space. They’re such great places/items…especially the poster of McDreamy. I had an inner giggle at that.

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