Noisy Cape Cod

As we discussed my repurposing project in class, I would like to elaborate on all of the wonderful ideas y’all gave me! The original piece of writing I have chosen for my re-purposing project is an argumentative essay against Cape Wind, an offshore wind turbine project. In the essay I make the point that Cape Cod is not a good host site; it is not that I am against renewable energy, I just think environmentalists need to take their project somewhere else. The original essay is directed towards homeowners who have the ability to vote against the project. It currently does not have enough funding which has pushed back its start date.

You all had some wonderful ideas to get my creative juices flowing. They included: targeting the environmentalists to show them a different point of view, write a narrative about a day on Cape Cod once the turbines have been built and Shelley gave me the idea to emulate something like Silent Spring – a nonfiction story describing the effects of uncontrollable pesticide use and how it is harming our environment. That is where Rachel Carson’s title fits in. She writes a story about a spring with now birds chirping or animal running: a silent spring. This brings me to the title of this blog post. If the turbines are built you will be able to hear them from the shoreline: Noisy Cape Cod.

I plan to take all of your advice. I am very glad you guys were able to help me come up with a new target audience – this is what I was struggling with the most! But I plan to target the environmentalist that wish to implement Cape Wind. I want to show them the ways the could be destroying such a beautiful place. I want to do a little bit more research on Silent Spring to get ideas about how to descriptively  show the effects of the wind project.

My fear is that this idea is not a holistic re-purpose of my paper. But, if it is I’m goin with these ideas. Thanks Guys!!

I can see it now … “Dear Environmentalists, Please don’t make my Cape Cod noisy.” JK


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  1. I think this is such a compelling idea. The reason it’s so interesting because environmentalism is rooted in protecting the natural environment. But, I love the point that you bring up about the wind turbines destroying the natural beauty of Cape Cod. It’s a crazy dilemma our nation seems to have. We want to utilize clean energy like solar power and wind energy…but sticking up solar power towers and wind turbines everywhere destroys the natural beauty of the environment they are in. So then what do they do? I’m interested to see what sort of response and points you have in response to these environmentalists.

  2. I concur with Gabriella. It’s an intriguing dichotomy. I personally think putting wind turbines on the coastline in Cape Cod is laughable and find it startling that the idea even got off of the ground. That area is one of my favorite places on this earth and I think it would be an absolute disaster to see white turbines littering the area. It’s one thing to recycle and to reduce unnecessary waste but I think it would be a far more devious crime to pollute the beautiful scenario that is Cape Cod with obnoxious white turbines than to continue paying for traditional energy.

  3. I really like the idea of writing a narrative (maybe from the point of view of a homeowner?) once the turbines have been built. I think that this would give you the ability to be creative with what you say, rather than having to come up with involved, possibly overwhelmingly complicated arguments that environmentalists would even listen to. By writing about this wind turbine project from the point in time after it happens, you could include your strong feelings against this project, but also stretch yourself to see how some people might not mind it/get used to seeing the turbines (maybe someone feels like they are taking a stand to help the environment by supporting the turbines). I know that your emotions about the project are very strong, but I hope that you will be able to stand back and look at other points of view, even though you might not agree with them. What if someone wanted to build turbines in the middle of the US (somewhere you’ve never been and don’t really care that much about), but that happened to be in someone’s beautiful back yard? Just because you don’t have as strong of emotions toward this location, would you support the building of the turbines? I don’t know…just something to think about when you approach this project.
    Regardless of what form your re-purposing takes, though, I’m sure it will be compelling to read and I think you’ll enjoy working with this topic more.

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