One does not simply change thy writing habits.

Yes, I basically fell off the face of the community that is known to writers and readers a like. This semester so far is filled with changes that I did not expect. A lot of homework, over-committed at my job, getting an A on an Econ exam (I’ll admit, that a pleasant surprise), and attempting to enter the Hopwood Awards for the Creative Nonfiction category. Overall, a month of busy and hectic commitments at the push out commitments.

However, I found out yesterday just how much I missed freewriting of my own… well, free will. I compulsively took a Zuihitsu poem and cut and glued it into a page of the journal I’d been keeping for a year now. The journal itself is almost completely empty, a couple entries here and there from the past year, and that’s about it.  It was only after I’d finished this haphazard art project that I realized I needed to write. And so I spent last night writing pages in my journal of everything that came to mind.

With graduation, and the capstone course fast approaching, I decided to make two goals for myself: 1) Recompose my WordPress platform, 2) Submit writing to the Hopwood Awards. Granted I’m very doubtful that I’ll win anything from Hopwood, but I feel that since it’s my senior I ought to do something that contributes to the academic culture here. Well, attempt to anyway.

Story of my life.

With all this in combination with classes and a job, I hardly hope to get any sleep for the next couple months.

& Also, is anyone else having trouble viewing their WordPress blog on Macbook Pro? /life problems of a confused Mac user

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