Question for Everyone to Answer

I am curious where on campus everyone in the class enjoys writing. Is there a specific location where you always go to get your best writing done or can you accomplish it anywhere?

In college, when we are faced with time constraints we cannot waste time looking for a place to study or work on a paper. For me, when I am pressed with a writing assignment I always find myself drifting to one place. That place is the stacks in the graduate library. So far it has been my most reliable source where I know that I will accomplish good writing for my assignments.

I know many people think that the stacks are extremely dull and way too serious and some even feel way too claustrophobic in a small cubical room. Yet, for me, when I am in the stacks I am in my own world and can let all of my writing out. In the stacks I don’t feel the pressure of anyone looking at me and I can really narrow in on my writing. I have worked at other places like at Espresso Royale or the second floor of the undergraduate library. However, I have found both to be too distracting. For me to accomplish great writing I need a quite and empty place where I can really focus in on my task. I think it could be really interesting to poll the different places where everyone else goes.

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  1. I like to write in my room in the morning when I can say the words aloud to myself. I can’t be hungry either… It’s rather specific, but just like you were saying, everywhere else is too distracting.

    As for the stacks, that sounds nice, maybe I’ll go there next time…

  2. For me, I am most productive in the Ref Room. I think it is because I wrote my first successful paper there freshman year, and have since become superstitious. I am not usually superstitious, but for some reason this one just stuck!

  3. This is such a good question and answer topic, Brandon! Nice work. Personally, I have serious issues when it comes to producing writing I’m proud of. More than any physical space, I have to be in the right mental state — psychologically confidence in myself as a writer. Being wherever I call home that week/month/year always helps. I can’t be wearing jeans and I must have peach iced tea close by. Take all of that as you will…

  4. Howdy hey. Good question. I usually need to write somewhere I feel no worry or stress or pressure, so that ends up being my room. I mentioned in some other comments that my computer chair is really comfy, and I happen to be lucky enough to have a computer rig that is my pride and joy, so everything is at my fingertips. Also, the keyboard is one meant to be easy to type on (mechanical), and it gives a satisfying “click and clack” while writing that just feels right. Comfort plus easy access to Mt. Dew makes my room a no-brainer.

  5. I would consider myself a drifter. I can never study in the same place too often or I get bored/distracted/complacent. I like changing up the scenery. So, I guess I don’t have a specific place I like to study…you could find me in my room, at the academic center on south campus, in the law library, at Starbucks, at the business school, or a number of other places. However, I will say that what I need to accomplish and how quickly I need to accomplish it definitely influences where I go. When in doubt, I always go somewhere quiet, especially to write.

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