Re-Purposing Frustration

You know that feeling when it seems like you are constantly working but t somehow feels like no matter how long you work for you are getting nothing done? Welcome to my life this week.  For some reason it seems like no matter how many items I cross off of my to-do list, the list never gets any shorter!

My re-purposing proposal is one thing on my list that I have not been able to cross off yet.  I have been thinking and researching and planning ideas for it, but I somehow keep ending up back at square one.  I think I have come up with a great concept for my project, but I have yet to develop a concrete strategy to tackle the actual format of it.

I would like to use a review I wrote of a local Ann Arbor restaurant (Frita Batidos) for an Ann Arbor food Blog (Wolverine Cuizine) as my text.  I am thinking about re-purposing my original work into an episode of the Food Network show, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”.  Now I know this sounds like a somewhat crazy idea at first, but I think I might have an interesting way to approach it.  I will write the script of an episode for the show as if I was a writer for the show itself.  The script will include what the host of the show will say, interviews with the restaurant owner/chefs as well as customers, and dialogue between the host and the customers.  Through this writing, I will be able to convey why this was the best thing the host has ever eaten and why he loves the restaurant as much as he does.

I have been researching the show, the restaurant, and episode scripts in order to determine the best way to approach this project.  I still definitely have a few kinks to work out and thinkthrough, but I think I like where this is headed…

p.s. I am always amazed how much writing out my thoughts on this blog helps me formulate and organize my ideas.

2 thoughts to “Re-Purposing Frustration”

  1. Very interesting, Jordan. I think your Food Network re-purposing topic is a really good way to combine your interests in restaurant reviewing and script writing. But even more, it sets you up nicely for the re-mediation project that is to follow. One obvious possibility is to take the script you write for this project and turn it into an actual fully-produced episode. I don’t doubt that this would involve a ton of work and time (and I know what you mean about the ever-expanding to-do list), but I’m equally sure that once done the final product would be pretty incredible, not to mention entertaining.

  2. I am so impressed with the originality and creativity of your idea for your repurposing paper! I’m jealous I haven’t written any previous papers about food because your task sounds fun too! Writing a script for the show will be so unique and a very different writing assignment that we probably ever have to do as Comm Majors. It is also very good that you have already began researching scripts and is probably entertaining that you get to watch the show for your research. How do you think you will incorporate what you write from your original review into the script? Do you think you could use exact lines from your review or just take the original ideas and the concept of writing about Frita Batidos? Overall , you are off to such a great start and as for sketch drafting, and brainstorming, I think you can definitely cross the repurposing assignment proposal off your list.

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