Re-Purposing issues

The idea of taking a completed, polished assignment and turning it into another mode or genre of writing for a new audience can be a challenge: I’m taking a piece of writing that I am already happy with in terms of content and structure, and now I have to reshape it towards a different perspective. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to re-purpose a proposal paper from English 225 last semester, in which I argue that the NCAA does not properly prepare its athletes for success in the real world. In football and mens basketball, the two  biggest revenue-generating sports, most would assume that these athletes will continue on to success into the professional ranks of their respective sport. However, the likelihood of getting drafted by an NFL or NBA team is incredibly low, and the average career span in those leagues is under 5 years. I also outline how these athletes are not receiving the same academic experience as their peers and make that part of my argument. Another important argument I make in the paper is that athletes in the revenue-generating sports do deserve some financial compensation for what they do–they help bring in revenue for their school, and they devote so much time to games, practice and other team affairs that they do not have the opportunity to earn money in a job like any other student.

I think this is a good subject for re-purposing because it is a somewhat controversial topic that is ever evolving. There is a ton of great statistical and anecdotal evidence out there that I can gather to re-purpose and re-frame this argument to a more specific audience. I still have to figure out the angle and what type of publication I’m writing for, but I think I have a topic that lends itself naturally to re-purposing. Hopefully I will have more of the specifics figured out by doing more research.

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  1. I think you made a good choice with your topic because I feel like there are so many directions you can steer your re-purposing and then re-mediation projects. Perhaps your could re-purpose your argument in the form of a letter addressed to the NFL or NBA? Also interesting would be to perhaps flip this and write an apology letter from the NFL/NBA. Just some suggestions – good luck!

  2. Ooh, nice ideas, Alexis! Ben, I agree that this would have made a good re-purposing project. However, I like where you’ve gone instead with re-purposing your Lessig piece. Maybe keep this idea on the back burner for later?

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