Re-purposing woes

For my repurposing project I think I am going to take an academic analysis on the recession that I did for a Political Science class, and re-purpose it into a satirical piece for the New Yorker. I like the idea of making it a kind of open letter from “Mr. Bigg Banks” or “Ms. Lucy Lender” (or something along those lines) to the American people. I have two concerns about this, however. The first is that I am not a POLSCI major; this re-purposing would be a big challenge because it would involve a lot of research just to re-acquaint myself with the issues at stake.  Here, I was reminded about what Shelley said in class about picking something that may be a challenge and seeing how we can meet the challenge. However, I hope I am able to live with the piece for the rest of the semester.

My second concern is that my re-purposing will have a fairly evident political bias. I am hoping to use my e-portfolio as a showcase of my college writing to show potential employers, so do you think that having a politically charged piece on the website will be bad? What if the employer disagrees with my stance?

2 thoughts to “Re-purposing woes”

  1. Amy!

    I loved your idea when you first brought it up in class! I think it would be really great to turn an academic essay into a satirical piece, and I feel like your writing style would work very well in this situation. I don’t think being a political science major would affect how you wrote your paper…it’s just going to be a lot of research, but as an English major, I’m sure you can handle it! I also don’t think a politically charged piece would have a big impact on how potential employers look at the piece. First, it’s meant to be satirical, and not taken that seriously. Also I’m sure they will be more focused on seeing your voice come through the writing, as well as how you can effectively change the academic piece into something with a more casual tone in a more formal medium. They will probably be more impressed with that compared to analyzing your political views! 🙂

  2. Personally, I think a politically charged piece MAY have an impact when it comes to potential employers. However, if you’re discussing your beliefs, would you really want to work for someone who’s going to be working against your own beliefs? That happened to me this summer and it wasn’t fun at all. However, if you’d like to completely avoid this, you could simply keep it to satire and I’m sure employers won’t be taking too much of it to heart considering you’re poking holes at someone else’s argument. I also think you’ll be fine in rising to the challenge. I have a feeling that with a little bit of research, you’ll be able to get right back into the zone.

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