Recap of the 2012 Presidential Debate

With the media still not slowing down on the analysis of the Presidential Debate that took place last week, it is easy to find numerous resources that accurately, and inaccurately, review what took place on stage.  The best article that I found regarding an accurate recap was from, interestingly enough.  The article, which can be found here, illustrates the various topics, such as taxes, the economy, healthcare, and the education system, that were covered and how each candidate responded, or did not respond, to the questions presented by the trampled-upon moderator, Jim Leher.  The article also goes on to describe what the reactions of viewers were and who they would vote for if they were to vote immediately after the debate.  Even with Romney clearly being the victor of round one of debates, voters still responded with 46% voting for Obama and 41% voting for Romney.  However, the article states that 58% were swayed that Romney was the stronger leader compared to his democrat counterpart.  The final quotation from the article sums up what needs to be in people’s minds when entering the polls in November: “This is bigger than an election about the two of us as individuals. It’s bigger than our respective parties. It’s an election about the course of America.”

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